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Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm, Thur 10am - 7pm

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Dutch studio Raw Color presents its first solo show at The Aram Gallery. 'Blend' is a dynamic mix of interactive installations, materials and visuals that describe its multi-disciplinary practice.

The work of Raw Color reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and colour by mixing the fields of graphic design and photography. This is embodied through research and experiments, building their visual language. Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach work on self initiated and commissioned projects in their Eindhoven based studio.

The Aram Gallery aims to inspire its audience by showing new paths and ways of working, with a history of giving designers a prominent stage to explore connections in their practice. We see Raw Color as representing an exciting multi-disciplinary current within contemporary design, combining diverse skills with a strong approach and clear visual identity.

The Aram Gallery

The Aram Gallery is an independently curated space that encourages and promotes understanding of contemporary design. We do this by exhibiting the work of designers in their early careers.

The gallery was established in 2002 by founding curator Daniel Charny and Director Zeev Aram. Since then it has built up a strong presence and achieves increasing international attention. Until 2015, the gallery was curated by Héloïse Parke. The current curator is Riya Patel.

We open five new shows per year addressing topics within contemporary design. Exhibits range from furniture to product to jewellery to graphics and fashion. Our diverse exhibitions include solo and group shows, with a thematic, material or process led focus. Exhibitors are both established and emerging and are selected because of their experimental design thinking.

The main objective of the gallery is to provide a space where people can discover new ideas and be inspired. “The doors are open and we welcome everybody who is interested in design to come and have a look.” Zeev Aram, Gallery Director.

The Aram Gallery is a non-commercial space.

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