What is the potential of fragmentary information, and how does our imagination clarify the incomplete? This exhibition explores these ideas, taking Sir John Soane’s Museum’s eclectic and diverse collection of antiquities as a point of departure.

Each ancient fragment within Sir John Soane’s Museum draws an incomplete yet intriguing picture of the whole. They seem to be able to embody something significantly bigger than their size, inviting us to speculate, imagine and eventually form our own versions of what they are. These objects are almost short quotations from different places and different times, ready to be reused or even misused. Five participants will present work which responds to these ideas. Displayed within the historic interiors of the Museum, they offer a contemporary interpretation on how we could engage with the fragmentary.

With contributions from Paul Elliman, Gemma Holts, Sam Jacob, Peter Marigold and Study O Portable.

The exhibition has been curated by Workshop for Potential Design.

Exhibition booklet available with texts by Vicky Richardson and Emma Mattei among others.

Sir John Soane's Museum

Sir John Soane’s house, museum and library at No.13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields has been a public museum since the early nineteenth century. It’s an intimate, atmospheric place, designed by Soane himself, and filled with his exceptional collection of famous artworks, sculptures, furniture and artefacts.

On his appointment as Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy in 1806, Soane (1753-1837) began to arrange his books, classical antiquities, casts and models so that students of architecture might benefit from access to them. In 1833 he negotiated an Act of Parliament to preserve the house and collection after his death for the benefit of ‘amateurs and students’ in architecture, painting and sculpture.

Today Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of the country’s most unusual and significant museums with a continuing and developing commitment to education and creative inspiration.

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