Marion Friedmann Gallery presents OUT OF THE CAGE, a glass-blowing project by Gala Fernandez, Mexico, using birdcages as moulds. The objects carry the marks & history of both their former existences. Confinement versus refuge? Plus Ariel Rojo's rug, depicting an aerial view of Mexico City by night.

OUT OF THE CAGE, presented by Marion Friedmann Gallery is an experimental glass-blowing project, lead by Gala Fernandez and realized with the skilled glass-blowers of the acclaimed glass manufacturer NOUVEL Studio in México City. The liquid glass is blown into various shaped and sized birdcages serving as the moulds for this process. Once the housings for colorful birds, the cages have transcended into objects and containers, where new life has been blown into them. Now they hold the colorful glass, reminiscent of the birds themselves.
The objects are a result of the interaction of the hot fluid glass with the moulds: the final pieces carrying the marks and history of both their former existences. The project questions the status of confinement versus refuge. A cage can be conceived as imprisonment or a shelter for comfort. The glass works subtly capture this essence of limitation, protection and custody in a very imaginative fashion.

Also exhibited at the show will be FOCO ROJO, a rug by Méxican Designer Ariel Rojo depicting an aerial view of México City by night, which will provide an impressive backdrop within the exhibition space and will set the scene for the glass objects as well as pointing out their rich national provenance.

Translated, ´Foco Rojo´ means not only ´red fire´, but also refers to ´alertness´.
‘Foco Rojo’ carries two messages, the first is ‘alertness’, talking about the people that live in México City and its surroundings. With a population of 25 million people, the metropolitan territory of Méxcio City is one of the most populated areas in the world. Insecurity, corruption and crime fuel alertness, however this is also triggered by an enormous power of positive challenges and creativity for change. Secondly the red fire talks of México´s energy and creative force:

For Ariel Rojo, each light in the rug represents a new idea born in México every minute and reveals that México is on the verge of something new and unique.

Background and credits for the project OUT OF THE CAGE:

The original project originated in the School of Design at the ANAHUAC University, México City, in a workshop lead by GALA FERNANDEZ and the initiative of Alumni Monica Paniagua. Fifty blown-glass objects were the result, created with various existing moulds such as: cages, baskets or boxes of different materials. The project was made possible through Nouvel Studio, Colleción Zafra and Pio Pio editions. Consequently - for the first edition of the new México City Design Festival ABIERTO in October 2013 - Gala Fernandez invited other designers to participate, namely Victor Aleman, ROW Studio and fashion designer Carlos Ortega Quezadas. This then enlarged collection was presented at the Medicine Museum and the ‘Museo de la Concilleria’, and after the ABIERTO festival at ‘Zafra design&art’ and ‘Galeria Méxicana del Diseño’. For the art fair Zona Maco in February 2013 in México City a new mini-series was launched with and for Nouvel Studio.

For MARION FRIEDMANN GALLERY it is a very special moment to bring this exhibition from México to the UK, particularly in having the opportunity to present it to the London Design Festival audience. It constitutes a further step in the gallery`s mission for cross-cultural work between México and the UK, and its efforts to showcase and promote up-and-coming Latin American design talent overseas.


℅ Instituto Cervantes
102 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AN,
Tel: ++44 - (0) 7949 726097

Opening Times:
15 September, 10am-9pm
16 & 17 September, 10am-7pm
18 September, 10am-9pm
19 September, 10am-7pm
20 September, 10am-5pm

Private View Receptions: Mon 15th & Thu 18th, 6-9pm

NOTE: The Instituto Cervantes is located only a short walk from the tube stations Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, Victoria or Hyde Park Corner.


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Tel: ++44 - (0) 7949 726097

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