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An exhibition by design studio InspireConspireRetire exploring how we transform the physical object world and how this world in-turn, transforms us. Of how our lives are scripted by our interactions, environments, consumptions and collections and these details make for our collective histories.

The premise of This New Nostalgia tackles the multiplicities of narratives around objects that have been designed for everyday use by undertaking pertinent research and asking questions about contemporary culture, our individual memories and collective histories.

Housed at the Liberty of Norton Folgate during the London Design Festival,this exhibition explores the emotional in design and stems from our enquiry about what people hold on to, and how the things we collect define our identities, through the meanings we imbue upon them. The objects and stories in this exhibition are key to understanding patterns in consumption, aesthetic inclinations, the power of design as well as the nuances that are encapsulated in seemingly ordinary objects. It also pushes the discourse about the role of the curator, building provenance, future technologies and behavioural shifts that emerge from newer interactions and breaking out of familiarities. Serving as markers of the continuum of experiences and memories, real and constructed - in which events pass from anticipated futures through our present to the past, this collection of designed objects serves as touch points in the narratives of our times.

We're a multidisciplinary design practice near St. Paul's in London.

Led by a passion to engage and enthuse through storytelling, we create narrative environments and immersive experiences. With strategic intervention across multiple platforms and media, we harness the power of good storytelling to develop and integrate cultural infrastructure with design, new social practices, communication, interpretation, learning and policy.

Drawing from strengths of having crafted engrossing experiences for cultural, corporate and institutional entities, we script and develop meaningful narratives that last. We design exhibitions, develop strong brands, create built environments that tell a good story, illustrate, work on publications and print everything as well as on interpretation and curatorial projects.

As cultural intermediaries, engaging and sustaining audiences remains the primary concern of InspireConspireRetire .

We also program for festivals and calendar events as well providing a platform for discourse on cultural policy, curatorial practice, learning modules and integration of design initiatives with the social fabric of the cities we work within.

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