Mint: A Spatial Surprise




10.30am - 7.00pm, Mon to Sat 11am - 5pm, Sun

Free entry


This year Mint will be featuring an eclectic selection of works, sharing in common their originality and creativity. A Spatial Surprise presents over 50 new and upcoming talents and a handful of established designers who have created new methods to express innovative ideas.

For this year’s LDF at Mint Lina Kanafani has chosen an eclectic selection of works sharing in common originality, creativity and designers who resort to new concepts & methods in expressing their designs.

A Spatial Surprise, as the name suggests, will showcase designs that embody a new and dynamic interpretation and manipulation of space be it a small or a large object.

Included in the show will be over 50 new and upcoming talents and a handful of established designers. The designers’ work presented will span from creative recycling of soot to 3D printing of a light and many more unusual and innovative methods of design.

Most importantly for this show Mint will be collaborating closely with Established & Sons whose approach and design collections demonstrate similar ideas and support these concepts.

In addition Mint will also be collaborating with Southern Guild a design collective from South Africa with a large display of unique pieces.


Based in London, Mint is an interior design store offering exclusive works by internationally renowned designers and emerging talents.

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