Like me: Our bond with brands





Branding pioneer Lippincott, the creative consultancy behind the Coca-Cola ribbon, the Campbell’s soup label and the latest Starbucks siren, has curated an exhibition to examine the power of the bond between people and brands.

Like me: Our bond with brands shows the pervasiveness of brands while reassessing the roles we each play in their creation. The Design Museum, the world’s leading museum dedicated to contemporary design, hosts the exhibition from September 19-27 2015.

While Lippincott has been building some of the world’s best brands for more than 70 years, the landscape has evolved. Today, brand has become bigger than a name or a logo and more than a marketing gimmick. And contrary to common belief, the power dynamic between people and brands can be as much about ours over them as theirs over us. This interactive exhibition, exploring Starbucks, The Hunger Games, and everything in between, encourages visitors to ask: who’s branding who?

Would Jay Z’s songs still pack a punch without their brand-led lyrics? How much would you pay for a piece of George Clooney? How does Grumpy Cat represent the irony of today’s brand tribes? And perhaps most importantly, what does brand mean to you? Like me: Our bond with brands asks these questions and more, transforming the Museum’s 1.5 Gallery into a commentary, critique and celebration of the world of brand.


Lippincott is a leading global branding firm. Our passion is to create, build and grow iconic brands that inspire customers and employees and deliver lasting results for our clients. Our approach is equal parts strategic thinking and creative excellence. It encompasses deep, integrated capabilities in Brand Strategy, Design and Expression, Experience Innovation and Organizational Engagement. An industry pioneer for over 70 years, we are restless in our commitment to our clients and to uncovering new possibilities to help shape their brands for the future.

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