Max Lamb 'My Grandfather's Tree'




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The Embankment Galleries - Mezzanine & Studio


The Embankment Gallery at Somerset House was the backdrop to a sizeable installation by British designer Max Lamb, titled My Grandfather’s Tree.

The tree in question is an old ash that had started to rot on the land of the designer’s grandfather’s farm in Yorkshire. To avoid the danger it posed to his nearby cottage, the tree was reluctantly felled. “Together with my tree surgeon friend Jon Turnbull, we dissected the tree from the top downwards, cutting it into sections at regular intervals, which I could transform into finished logs to be used as stools, tables and chairs,” explained Max. “I wanted the tree to remain integral to the wood and to process each section of the tree as little as possible, other than to make the top and base level in order to give function to the material.”

The result is sections of the tree divided into 130 logs laid out in order of diameter, with the 187 annual growth rings clearly visible. With his intention that his grandfather’s tree should survive beyond its rooted life, “the ash tree continues to exist as an ash tree, but with a new life, a new function and the start of a new history.”

Over the past decade, Max Lamb has garnered a reputation for working with his hands to directly manipulate single materials, turning the likes of boulders, logs and even polystyrene into roughly hewn seating objects, tables and the likes. This project is an ambitious extension of his genre, working with an entire tree to dramatic effect.

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