Materials Innovation : A Trans-Disciplinary Approach





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From exploring cellular properties of non wovens and shape memory textiles, fungi applications for future material design scenarios and tailored approaches to plastic surgery, four exciting designers discuss their latest work with architect Amanda Levete and anthropologist Susanne Kuechler.

Encouraged by the desire for common outcomes and clever innovation, the cross-over between the disciplines of art, design, engineering, textiles, science and craft is an ever-increasing phenomenon.

Come and experience the latest research undertaken by four pioneering individuals who are looking at textiles in very different way and championing the convergence between science and the Arts.

Liz Ciokajlo and Rhian Solomon use the site of the body as the context for material development research. They work on the transfer of knowledge across the disciplines of medical science, craft and design. Ninela Ivanova explores the microbiology of moulds and how the properties of fungi can be translated onto textile design and fabrication. Patrick Dyer’s research is centered on the manipulation of woven structures, so called ‘smart materials’. He explores the potential application of these materials across design, engineering and medical disciplines.

The work will be presided over by award-winning architect Amanda Levete, Head of Anthropology at UCL Professor Susanne Kuechler and chaired by Peter Oakley Research Leader at the School of Material, RCA. They will discuss the application of these various materials and processes and in doing so highlight the relevance of such artists to the process of materials innovation.

The talk has been supported by The Arts Foundation, a charity which has been supporting innovation in the Arts for over 20 years. The Foundation is currently embarking on the first year of a £10,000 award for Materials Innovation supported by the Clothworkers’ Foundation.

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