London Sketchbook Festival 2017: Portals for Illustration




21 September: Private View 6.30pm -10pm | 22-30 September: 10am - 6.30pm

Free Event



LSF is a live experience highlighting projects from creative individuals and studios. We create the ideal showcasing environment and invite creatives from various backgrounds to bring their ideas to life. Creating an advanced exhibition of illustration, concept art, animation and architecture.

Our exhibition revolves around the collection of creative, cultural and visual data from different parts of the world through the internet. All information accumulated will then be curated and transferred to a new environment (our exhibition space) for it to appear, be seen and digested by people. Showcasing narratives, illustration, concept, and digital art, moving image, architecture, and sound.

Pop-up Shop:
We are bringing together local artists, designers, and makers to our exciting venue for a 10-day showcase/pop-up shop, come hunt for art prints, stationery, handcrafted jewellery, gifts and unique goods for home and lifestyle!

Private View:
The launch of London Sketchbook Festival includes an immersive exhibition, intriguing drinks, drawing experiences, live art and beautiful installations by Regents Canal. We are also bringing together local artists, designers and makers to our exciting venue, come hunt for handcrafted jewellery, art prints, stationery, gifts and unique goods for home and lifestyle!

LSF X Rise Art - Conquering New Markets: Selling Art Online (Talk + Q&A)
The ever-growing art market is also ever-evolving. We're seeing changes in how art is sold, what kind of art is bought, the reasons people buy, and who buys. As it stands, online art sales are at a record high. The digital marketplace offers emerging artists the opportunity to broaden their collector base and establish themselves as professional artists. Our Rise Art curators are here to introduce you to the exciting world of art online and to guide you through selling successfully on digital platforms.

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