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Matter is a new research studio and consultancy founded to explore the relationship between materials, ideas and processes. Launching at One Good Deed Today, during the London Design Festival, Matter presents a series of talks, workshops and events. Visit the websites for a full programme listing.

Come and find out what we’re made of…

Join us during London Design Festival 2015 for 

An exploration of materiality across the five senses.

Materials consultancy and research initiative Matter launches at 
6pm, Tuesday 22nd September 
with an exhibition considering the relationship between materials, ideas and processes and a live panel discussion of 
‘The End of Obsolescence in Design’, hosted by Protein.

Followed by a weeklong series of talks, events and workshops exploring the sensory impact of matter.

22nd - Opening Night

23rd - Touch
Amy Congdon 1pm - 2pm
Will Yates-Johnson 3pm - 4pm
Dean Brown 6pm - 7pm

24th - Sound
Hayley Louisa Brown - BRICK Magazine 1pm - 2pm
Booker Printhouse wood block printing workshop 3pm - 5pm
NTS Radio live performance 6pm - 8pm

25th - Smell
Design Marketo 1pm - 2pm
Amy Radcliffe 3pm - 4pm
Kyugum Hwang 6pm - 7pm

26th - Taste
Save the Date Cafe palette test 1pm - 2pm
Miriam Ribul 4pm - 5pm
Whispery Savoury 6pm - 7pm

27th - Sight
Zuzanna Gombosova 1pm - 2pm
Matteo Fogale & Laetitia de Allegri 3pm - 4pm
Melanie King - Super Collider 5pm - 6pm

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Matter is a platform, research initiative and consultancy encouraging a deeper exploration of materials, processes, mediums and ideas through research, events and collaboration.

It’s easy to accept the place of aluminium and cotton within the material bracket, but less so to accept email and time. Technology helps us understand materials as more than just tangible fabrics but most of us would still struggle to pinpoint the more conceptual forms. The Matter website brings some of these forms together in a periodic table. It’s a clear presentation of the link between, say, light, metal and perception in our understanding of the universe. The website opens people up to the possibility of materials and the craftsmanship that we are sometimes oblivious to.

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