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On the 13th of September a room will appear in the heart of Deptford on Giffin Square. This is The Living Installation: a fast paced live action design challenge marrying contemporary design with the amazing array of fresh produce, furniture, fashion and bric-a-brac to be found on Deptford Market.

On the 13th of September and then on the first Saturday of every month, witness the Living Installation at Deptford Market, in conjunction with The Giffin Square Food Fair; a food fair that hosts cuisines from all around the world.

The inaugural designer for The Living Installation will be the very wonderful Linda Florence. Linda is an award winning designer who lives in Deptford and is a passionate fan of the market.

The theme for the first Deptford Living Installation is a sixties living room. Utilising the wealth of goods at the Deptford market, it is Linda Florence's aim throughout the day of the installation to show to the public how a lifestyle can be achieved through purchasing from the traders. The sixties were a time of revolution; people were rebelling against the 'live and make do' aftermath of the second world war. People wanted to express themselves through colour, fashion, art and music. In the 60's people were daring and the best way to show how forward thinking they were in the home.

The project is being curated by Jaine Laine, an artist, writer, and a tenacious Deptfordite. She will be producing a series of themes that allow each of our fantastic guest designers to best explore the markets and showcase the incredible finds that are available in Deptford every week. Over the next four months four carefully selected local designers will use a different brief by Jaine as the starting point for their day scouring the market.

The project is launching in conjunction with the London Design Festival. A huge city wide annual event that aims to promote the city’s creativity, it draws in the country’s greatest design minds. The Festival is made up of over 300 individual design events the hugely popular festival has a community of interested visitors of over 350,000 people. The Festival is an unmissable celebration of design.

The Deptford Design Market Challenge

We work with ideas that bring meaning to place: this maybe through embedded artworks, way finding, typographic narratives that are also supported by the use of digital applications.
Our team is a mix of strategic creative thinkers, designers and makers and our goal is for each project to get under the skin of a community. Working collaboratively with architects, developers, planners and local government.

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