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KitchenAid, will be throwing open the doors of its Experience Store during London Design Festival 2017 for the public to experience its cutting edge Serious About Food Kitchen Lab.

KitchenAid, the internationally celebrated home appliance specialist, will be throwing open the doors of its Experience Store during London Design Festival 2017 (18 - 22 September) for members of the public to experience its cutting edge Serious About Food Kitchen Lab.

The unique installation, previously exhibited in Milan and Paris, will be an immersive experience focusing on the future of kitchen design, challenging the way people see, use and interact with their kitchen space. Open to the public, the interactive exhibition will showcase eight radically different kitchen concepts created by eight international interior designers and architects including UK-based Rachel Laxer and Tor Interiors.

In addition to the Serious About Food kitchen concepts, KitchenAid will also be showcasing the UK’s first full range of black stainless steel major appliances, as well as the first annual limited-edition Black Tie Stand Mixer. This will further highlight KitchenAid’s aptitude for iconic design, emphasising the stylish trend of using back within the kitchen along with high performance kitchen appliances.

Designed to challenge the way the kitchen space is perceived and utilised in homes across the UK, and in keeping with the changing needs defined by contemporary lifestyle, the Kitchen Lab will feature eight original kitchen designs including a range of videos and graphics. The designs will be split into four trends, defining the ideal cooking space for different chefs and showing that the kitchen can go beyond food and preparation, challenging innovation and exploring new possibilities and new flavours.

The journey around the exhibition space will begin with Living Kitchen, integrating the living and kitchen area perfectly to create a contemporary, futuristic design and allowing the Serious About Food approach to be repeated at home. Guests will then be invited to experience the Material Kitchen, presenting innovative shapes created from stainless steel, the material of choice of the world’s top chefs. This particular exhibition space portrays the kitchen at the heart of the home and as a place for shared community.

Dynamic Kitchen will be next, using technology to adapt to the individual and assist with food creation. Presenting three unconventional concepts, Dynamic Kitchen highlights interpretative stimuli to combine design with food, and therefore offering a personalised kitchen setting. Finally, Beyond the Kitchen creates the ideal space for those who consider the kitchen to be at the centre of the home whilst also showcasing the bond between ingredients and the creation of dishes. There will also be a Makers Workshop consisting of a large worktop to aid in the preparation of food, bringing together the traditional elements of the kitchen with a modern touch to incorporate advancing technology.

The space will be designed for ease of use, focusing on the requirements of the chef and presenting various requirements for the passionate cook including induction and gas hobs and KitchenAid’s innovative Chef Touch, including shock freezer and vacuum pack machines.

KitchenAid Serious About Food Ambassador and founder of the Interior Style Hunter blog, Grant Pierrus, will be hosting a press preview event on 18th September with luxury interior designers and masterminds behind two of the kitchen concepts, Rachel Laxer Interiors and Tor Interiors, presenting their creations.

Prioritising design and style, the exhibition will allow consumers to explore alternative kitchen spaces and gain an insight into how kitchens will evolve in the future. With the kitchen no longer a place where food is just prepared and eaten, this exhibiton will showcase that a kitchen space is a public space for all where conversations are shared and socialabilty is an important element. Through different creative interpretations, the Serious About Food Kitchen Lab will be an exciting journey for lovers of high-end design, taking into account high performance, iconic appliances which KitchenAid are celebrated for.

To visit the exhibition, head to: KitchenAid Experience Store, 98 Wigmore Street, W1U 3RN between 18th – 22nd September, 10am – 6pm.

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