Inside Out: Furniture from the Crafts Council Collection




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Crafts Council has teamed up with Habitat to launch Inside Out, an exhibition presenting key furniture pieces from the Crafts Council Collection. With works dating from the 1970s onwards, the Collection is a rich archive of making in the UK that embraces all the main craft disciplines.

The Crafts Council has teamed up with Habitat to launch Inside Out. This Crafts Council Collection Touring exhibition presents furniture made by some of the most significant UK makers from the 1970s to the 2000s including Fred Baier, Floris Van Den Broecke, Tom Dixon, Michael Marriott and Tomoko Azumi.
Inside Out alludes to the indoor/outdoor nature of furniture, this exhibition features furniture pieces with ‘inside’ spaces and offers a look inside the Crafts Council Collection. The pieces showcase a wide range of techniques, materials and processes from Jim Partridge’s bench, hewn from a single solid truck of green oak, Jane Atfield’s chair made from recycled plastic shampoo and washing-up liquid bottles, to Michael Anastassiades’ bedside table with felt storage pockets that muffle any noisy objects (such as alarm clocks) inside.

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