What are the limits of human perception? How would you stretch and expand them?
This Special Edition of Jugular's cross-disciplinary salon 'Dialogue' brings together academic, artistic, entrepreneurial and design perspectives to explore what it means to hack our senses and redesign perception.

Join a fantastic group of thinkers, scientists and artists for a special edition of ‘Dialogue’ presented in partnership between Jugular Productions and the Wellcome Trust supported 'Hack The Senses' project. We will explore two fascinating topics. Firstly, the interface between design and sensory science. From architecture through fashion to product and interaction design, aesthetically pleasing and functionally intuitive design exploits the characteristics and organisation of our sensory system. How are the most recent findings from crossmodal research and the psychology of perception informing design practices and product development? Secondly, we'd like to turn to the burgeoning field of sensory modification. We are currently witnessing the emergence of novel technologies that hold out the promise of expanding the scope of human perception beyond its current limitations. What are the opportunities and constraints of developing new, technologically mediated ways of perceiving the world, ourselves and others?

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- Professor Charles Spence, Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford University
Charles' research focuses on how a better understanding of the human mind will lead to the better design of multisensory foods, products, interfaces, and environments in the future. His research calls for a radical new way of examining and understanding the senses that has major implications for the way in which we design everything from household products to mobile phones, and from the food we eat to the places in which we work and live.

- Liviu Babitz, CEO of Cyborg Nest
Merging the empirical and the creative, Liviu spent the last 10 years leading projects driven to impact social and fiscal layers of society. Liviu is the co-founder of Cyborg Nest alongside TED speaker and colour-blind artist Neil Harbisson who became a cyborg by implanting an antenna in his skull that enabled him to sense color via audio vibrations. Cyborg Nest is developing artificial senses to enable people to design their evolution, and their current project is the 'North Sense' allowing you to detect magnetic north.

- Ling Tan, Designer, maker and coder
Ling is interested in how people interact with the built environment and wearable technology. Trained as an architect, she enjoys building physical machines and prototypes to explore different modes of interaction between people and their surrounding spaces. She is currently working at Umbrellium in London to understand social wearables through community participation. She also participated as artist resident in various festivals and had worked with museums such as Wits Art Museum, South Africa and Watermans Art Centre, UK. Her works have been featured in magazines and websites across the globe and was nominated for awards such as Internet of Things Awards.

- Jorge Crecis, Dancer and Choreographer
Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. He has worked regularly with companies like Akram Khan Company, DV8, Punchdrunk, Rambert and in 2014, Jorge initiated the creation of 'min tala' a Pan-Arab dance project that uses contemporary dance art as a peacekeeping, personal and professional development tool. He has taken this cross-disciplinary approach to his current project, 'Through&Out²', where he encourages audiences in the performance to connect to his emotional states in real-time through a specially developed augmented reality and sensor platform.

- Dr Shama Rahman, Storyteller: Scientist, Musician, Actor
Shama is a storyteller in different media. With an interdisciplinary PhD in the Neuroscience of Creativity, she is the Founder and Artistic Director of Art-Science creative startup Jugular Productions. As a professional musician, she also likes to work at the cross section of music, technology and other art-forms and is about to release her album 'Truth BeTold', the world's first full live album recorded and performed with wearable technology, which was showcased at a special one-off performance with real-time generative visuals and dancers. Her acting highlights include being the lead of South Asia's first supernatural detective thriller, a BBC drama series shown to over 53 million worldwide.

Hack the Senses

Hack the Senses is a Wellcome Trust supported project exploring the science of perception and the burgeoning field of sensory modification technologies. We bring together thinkers and makers, researchers and hackers, artists and tinkerers and invite all to imagine and create new ideas, devices and applications that augment and expand our senses. We run talks, workshops, hackathons, exhibitions and other activities.

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