Green Sky Thinking 2012





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A London-wide B2B platform highlighting new thinking and practice in how to 'design in' sustainability

Finding innovative low-carbon solutions is one of the industry’s most pressing challenges. Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking 2012 gives an inside view from top experts, designers, architects, industry leaders and collaborative teams of how we could move towards successfully ‘greening’ entire districts and neighbourhoods, as well as buildings, to inform better decision-making. It comprises a week of sustainability-focused events such as talks and tours for the professional and property sector at various venues across London. Our theme this year is ‘Mapping Sustainable London’.

We are an independent, not for profit organisation, founded in 1992, that aims to be at the centre of creating better places – and a better city. We champion excellence in design quality and advocate for an inclusive and informed approach to the development of our city.

Our work covers 3 core strands:

With a basis of experience, expertise and research built up over 20 years, our programmes are designed to encourage dialogue, debate and learning about how architecture and public space affects our daily lives, and to enable people to discover and understand how they can really influence change in the built environment. We are the only organisation that actively involves such a variety of stakeholders across London, connecting up those that plan, design and build the city to those that live, work and play in the city, both through our own action research and in our advocacy, education and engagement programmes.

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