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Established & Sons
Formafantasma: From Then On

15 Sep 2014 to 21 Sep 2014
10am – 5pm, Mon to Sun
020 7608 0990
Free Event
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Design duo Formafantasma considers the passage of time to mark ten years of Established & Sons. The installation features a series of clocks: each timepiece uses the qualities of precious materials to track the progress of days, hours, minutes, seconds and nanoseconds.

For the London Design Festival 2014, Established & Sons is delighted to announce two installations that relate to the passing of time. As it fast approaches a decade in the industry, the acclaimed British manufacturer presents a special collaboration with Formafantasma, presenting time in a literal sense with a series of new timepieces. A second installation sees the return of founding Design Director, Mark Holmes, who curates a display reflecting on the evolution and character of the Established & Sons collection ten years on.

The displays have been intelligently designed around the strengths of the buildings dynamic interiors, allowing interesting viewing opportunities from dramatic vantage points.

Formafantasma: From Then On
This installation provides a contemplative and subtle pairing of materials, movement and sound. A series of clocks track the progress of different time intervals with each timepiece considering the passage of time using the singular qualities of precious materials. The designers intend to bring the viewer's perception of time, place and object together in both a physical and imaginary space.

Established & Sons: Vital Statistics
Established & Sons invites its original Design Director and co-founder, Mark Holmes to analyse the brand with fresh eyes and to curate a selection of products, presenting them in a manner that symbolizes his conception of the collection now, in 2014, after the passing of the company's first and most informative years.
His response is to take you physically inside the back pages of the Established & Sons catalogue with an installation that graphically revels in the specifications of the products. Using details like dimensions and colour charts, the show sheds a playful light on the individual characteristics or 'vital statistics' of each design.

Established & Sons
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Established & Sons is a uniquely positioned British design company with international visibility and a focus on producing and representing all that is innovative in contemporary design. Since its inception in 2005, Established & Sons has become internationally respected for groundbreaking projects with leading designers, architects, artists and artisan studios, and for introducing up-and-coming creative talent from around the world. Established & Sons employs skilled craftsmen and uses high quality manufacturing techniques in the realization of its designs, delivering original collections that are both significant and pioneering.