From 17 – 20 September 2014, Central Saint Martin's White Lab at Kings Cross will be home to FLAIR.
A cross disciplinary exhibition exploring the theme of “Obsessions.”

Flair, a new exhibition on will run from 17-20th September at Central Saint Martins during London Design Festival. The exhibition features art and design projects centred on the creators’ artistic obsessions, and will include performances at the private view and closing reception on 17 and 20 September respectively.

The creative process is an enigmatic phenomenon. Typically, as consumers we only encounter the polished finished product of the creative process, a table, a painting, a piece of jewellery, etc. In simple terms, creativity is when a person will have an idea and execute it. However, where the initial idea originates from is baffling. Flair explores the idea that creativity begins with obsessions, obsessions leading to inspiration.

This exhibition showcases the passions and obsessions that inform creators in their design and artistic outputs. It is these passions and obsessions that fuel creative fires and result in the artist’s moments of inspiration. Through a focus on the designers, artists and performers behind the work, FLAIR seeks to turn the tables on traditional exhibition rules and guides visitors on an immersive journey behind the curtain of the artistic obsession. Flair invites you to follow your curiosity and explore the core of the obsessed individual.

Obsessions are as varied as the individuals included Flair, ranging from a deep fascination
with Bauhaus and art deco design to an obsession all things sensory.

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