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Ecotopia is a multi-sensory installation exploring the appeal of Utopian thinking in envisaging a sustainable future for our planet and society. It showcases the ideas of leading scientists, academics, designers and architects who are currently looking at climate change and sustainable solutions.

The quincentenary of the publication of Sir Thomas More’s novel Utopia this year gives us an opportunity to discuss how we perceive our future and how we could change it. The Ecotopia installation is a contribution to the broad discussion on what this shared vision might be. Rather than merely speculating, it will showcase the visions of leading scientists, academics, philosophers, designers and architects who are currently looking at climate change and sustainable solutions. Ultimately, it aims to propose an envisioning process based on expert knowledge.

This is the first exhibition to explore ‘Ecotopia’ in the UK and has the official endorsement of Green House think tank.

The installation will be both a physical and virtual concept across multiple platforms, including its own website and its integration with social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube) to encourage audience participation.

About us:
The team behind Ecotopia can demonstrate an impressive range of achievements and skill sets.
It includes illustrators, graphic designers, product designers, coders, web developers and educators. Together we have created playful concepts for communicating academic thinking fluently across a range of disciplines and processes, including graphic design, typography, drawing, printmaking, collage, digital image-making and three-dimensional installations.

Aiden Barefoot
Caitlin Parks
Hazel Bryer
James Sanderson
Luisa Kahlfeldt
Max Ryan
Melissa North
Nuno Coelho
Rosalind Woodman
Toby Downham
Will Verity


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