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Endeavouring to question the bedroom from a design perspective, Tracey Neuls’ Marylebone shop becomes a bedroom interior, curated by stylist Sania Pell. The functions of the shoe shop blend with a design-led bedroom, with a curated list of designers’ works, and personal items to set the scene.

Tracey Neuls Bedroom Invitation

Tracey Neuls locations are more than shops – they have become destinations of their own, where Neuls’ beautifully crafted, visionary, and highly desirable footwear collections live among original, design-focused settings. Celebrating the ‘experience’, Tracey Neuls create immersive and out-of-the-ordinary installations inside their London boutiques. Always questioning the retail space, previous themes have been inspired by theatre, restaurants, gardens, and classrooms. For London Design Festival 2017, the inside of Tracey Neuls’ Marylebone shop will become a bedroom interior, searching and celebrating the design of one of the most intimate and private spaces in our homes.

Home design often focuses on the living room, kitchen, and even bathroom; why do we seem to overlook the bedroom? It is where we live amid our clothes, ‘things’, furniture, and thoughts. It’s a place where we can contemplate, rejuvenate, and dream. Endeavouring to question the bedroom in the world of design, Interior Stylist Sania Pell, who has worked previously on shoots for Elle Decoration, The Observer, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph, will blend the functions of a shop into a design-oriented bedroom, furnished and decorated by a specially-curated list of designers’ works, and personal items to set the scene. The bedside lamps will glow through the night so that passersby can peep through the shop’s windows. Imagine customers trying shoes on the bed, guests sleeping overnight in the shop, shoes suspended above the bed, in the space of a dreaming mind – a design boudoir like no other. Fittingly, Tracey Neuls have also designed their first home-footwear collection, a range of shearling slippers, available in different colours.

Tracey Neuls’ Bedroom Invitation will launch for London Design Festival in September with an exploration into December 2017 including guest interviews, pillow talks, and a lively space for events.

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Tracey Neuls is a vital force in contemporary footwear design and known as 'the designers designer.' In a market saturated by sameness, Neuls always breaks the mould and presents something unique and intriguing. The way Neuls designs is getting rarer. She's doesn't simply choose components off a factory shelf, she designs every detail herself. All toe shapes and sculptural heels are signature to her. Bridging the gap between art and design, her footwear is conceptual yet wearable and for the past 16 years has succeeded in designing shoes that are comfortable and beautiful, two elements that aren't always found together. 'Good design is something you feel as much as you see' - Tracey Neuls

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