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A subterranean hub – featuring two exhibitions and a series of debates – to explore the potential of shit and how we might re-evaluate our most primordial activity. With new work by design studio Takram and The Shit Museum’s latest collection. On the occasion of the launch of Dirty Furniture: Toilet

Design has worked for decades to keep the subject of our most primordial activity, and the material that results from it, firmly off topic. Is it time for us to address this silence? Can design make shit socially acceptable in order to realise shit’s potential? Design magazine Dirty Furniture and The Shit Museum (Italy) come together for the London Design Festival to present a subterranean hub – featuring two exhibitions and a series of debates – called Toilet Break. Showing The Shit Museum's latest collection and an installation that functions as a debating chamber in a show entitled Primordial Products, and a provocative exhibition, On The Go, curated by Dirty Furniture, with a new commission by Lukas Franciszkiewicz of London-Tokyo design studio Takram. On the occasion of the launch of Dirty Furniture issue 3 – Toilet.

Toilet Break Debates
Book a seat at one of our Toilet Break Debates to hear design’s best thinkers and practitioners speak on that which is so rarely spoken about.

Saturday 17 September

3pm, Shit into Gold
Can design meet the challenge of transforming shit into objects of value?
Chair: Cat Rossi (Kingston University)
Speakers: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (designer), Luca Cipelletti (The Shit Museum)

4pm, Stubborn as…
Can the design of the toilet (and its infrastructure) change?
Chair: Dirty Furniture
Speakers: Peter Codling (designer), Fernanda Costa (Loowatt)

Saturday 24 September

3pm, Public Inconvenience
Public toilets are in decline, but do we need them?
Chair: Shumi Bose (architecture curator & critic)
Speakers: Owen Hatherley (architecture critic), Natalie D Kane (futurist)

4pm: Ladies and Gents
Are gender-neutral toilets the answer?
Chair: Dirty Furniture
Speakers: Jo-Anne Bichard (Helen Hamlyn Centre), Gail Ramster (Great British Toilet Map)

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Dirty Furniture and The Shit Museum

Dirty Furniture
Conceived to expand the conversation on design and to showcase the best in contemporary design writing, Dirty Furniture is an independent design magazine launched in September 2014 and edited by Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfeld. To be published as a finite series of six, each issue takes a piece of furniture as its theme and uses this as a springboard to discuss timely topics encompassing politics, technology, psychology, history, design, manufacturing, materials – and the plain weird. Following the success of the first two issues on the couch and the table, issue three – Toilet – will launch at London Design Festival 2016.

The Shit Museum
Founded in 2015 in Castelbosco in the province of Piacenza, The Shit Museum develops exhibitions, objects and projects that explore the agricultural landscape, biomechanics and environmental art through a new approach to museology. It has also developed a material, Merdacotta, which encompasses the principles of sustainability and transmutation that underpin the scientific aims of the museum. The organisation is driven by the desire to transform natural substances, and readdress the balance in the relationship between man and nature. The Museum’s Primordial Products were presented for the first time during the 2016 Milan design week, in an exhibition which won the promoters Cipelletti and Locatelli first prize in the Milano Design Award.

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