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Hyundai Card presents ‘Money’, a look at the company’s reinvention of the credit card into a meticulously designed object of desirability. Using unprecedented materials in its production, the card’s design is reminiscent of banknotes and coins, reattaching a sense of value to the exchange of money.

Hyundai Card has redefined what it means to be a finance company by revolutionising a stagnant industry with its passionate commitment to high-quality and innovative branding design along with a series of philanthropic projects and radically revised corporate strategies that have been lauded and admired both domestically and abroad.

Hyundai Card Design Lab, a multi disciplinary in-house design department, is the creative drive behind Hyundai Card. In addition to the highly celebrated Hyundai credit card series, the department has engaged in a wide range of projects including the IDEA Gold award-winning ‘Dream Project’, a socially responsible project that helps small businesses by donating design. In recent years, ‘Designed by Hyundai Card’ has become a brand in itself, symbolising Hyundai Card’s design ethos that emphasises logic and rationale.

The company is committed to supporting culture and the arts – a global partnership with MoMA, New York, has seen Hyundai Card bring the best of world class exhibitions and concerts to the country as well as promoting Korean independent artists abroad.

Founded in 2001, Hyundai Card is a joint venture between Hyundai Motors Group and GE Capital.

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