Designersblock London 2012




10am until 7pm

Entry is free with pre registration


The 15th annual Designersblock takes place with Southbank Centre

Designersblock 2012 with Southbank Centre

Year 15

Furniture, Lighting, Textiles, Ceramics, Digital, Art, Illustration, Surface, Graphics,

Live Events, Workshops.

Rare Breeds: a Unique Designersblock shop, Limited Editions, Seconds, product from over 100 Designers.

Southbank Centre

Royal Festival Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall

September 20th until September 23rd

Entry is free with pre registration

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Designersblock is more than a design show, it’s a culture that has grown over 19 years with every event that we’ve produced and all the people that we have worked with. When we put together shows we like to include designers from different disciplines, different places and with different levels of experience. So we have students and recent graduates together with long established design companies and everyone in between. Our events are as useful amongst the people who take part as they are for the people who visit. Our shows work as a platform for the presentation, communication and distribution of the highest quality ideas, products and services. We believe that diversity and collaboration lead towards new and more effective ways of working and we design our shows to facilitate this dialogue. Every event is unique but there is a consistency that runs through everything we do. For some people it’s soul, for some it’s a perspective that goes way beyond putting designers on pedestals, for some it’s chutzpah that belies an iron organisational will, for some it’s a generosity, for some it’s that we put on design events that have the best mood in the world. and we know how to drop a party. One of the things that makes us happiest is that we act as a catalyst, encouraging and enabling people to do extraordinary things that they wouldn’t normally do. Designersblock is an invitation to raise the bar in the company of the most exciting creative talents in the world. Designersblock 32 Cremer Street London E2 8HD UK Office +44 (0) 20 7613 0134 Rory +44 (0) 7815 871 472 Piers +44 (0) 7940 925 421 Bud +44 (0) 7828 773 831

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