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Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre for arts education

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Oliver Grabes, Head of Design, Braun. Oliver Grabes became Braun’s Head of Design in 2009 following a lifelong admiration for Dieter Rams, the company’s Chief Design Officer from 1961-95. Oliver previously worked for the likes of AT&T, Boeing, Bosch, General Electric, Microsoft, Sony, Nike and others, and is also a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal, which has one of the highest-ranked ID programs in Germany. 

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London Design Festival

Over nine days in September, the London Design Festival feature hundreds of events taking place across London, showcasing the city's pivotal role in global design. The London Design Festival 2018 will be held 15-23 September, featuring over 400 Partners, Landmark Projects, and V&A Commissions.

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