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Sun 11am-5pm, Mon 12pm-6pm, Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm

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The HELIX design team will conduct a health-design challenge in our innovative pop-up studio in the heart of a London hospital. We invite you to contribute your thoughts and ideas to help solve a healthcare problem and play a part in the development of design solutions in real-time.

At the beginning of the London Design Festival (Sunday 20th & Monday 21st), we will be exploring a healthcare problem, and inviting visitors to share experiences and insights with the design team. The challenge provides an opportunity for the designers and visitors to collaborate, and develop simple design solutions to a healthcare problem. We invite you to take part in this brainstorming session in the HELIX studio and watch the design process take place in real-time; the more perspectives, suggestions and creative ideas, the better the solution to the challenge!

On the final weekend of London Design Festival (Friday 25th & Saturday 26th), we will develop the best suggestions from the earlier design sprint even further and begin to prototype a solution to the challenge. We will showcase our thought-processes over the first few days and display the chosen solutions within the pop-up studio. We invite visitors to share their thoughts, ideas and feedback on the idea and propose alternative ways of approaching the challenge. Your ideas could result in a solution which improves healthcare for many people across the UK.

Alongside the design challenge, the HELIX team invites you to explore our innovative 'pop-up' studio in the heart of a busy Central London hospital, designed by RCA architecture students. The studio's glass finish allows designers within the studio to fully engage with the hospital surroundings, and the open-studio policy means that the hospital community can drop-in whenever they feel, to collaborate with the designers on healthcare challenges.

There will also be an exhibition of HELIX projects; the team will share with you the range of work they are undertaking with a number of partners around the country - ranging from card games to encourage kids to get active ( to strategies aimed at improving patient experience.

For additional, updated information on the HELIX Centre during London Design Festival, please see:

HELIX Centre

HELIX is a collaboration between two world-leading academic institutions, the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London. Its mission is simply to transform healthcare using design.

By bringing together the design expertise of the RCA with the scientific, clinical and engineering know-how of Imperial College, HELIX creates new solutions to the universal problems faced in delivering healthcare - making things better for patients and improving the working lives of staff.

HELIX is unique in placing a design studio right in the heart of a busy London hospital. A multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, doctors, nurses, technologists and entrepreneurs works together in a shared innovation space to generate and prototype new ideas in patient care. The team uses its position in St Mary's Hospital to develop its concepts hand in hand with patients and staff.

The focus of HELIX is on frugal innovation - developing new solutions which are cost effective, transcending barriers to adoption and implementation through simplicity and a deep understanding of user needs, their behaviours and context.

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