Ineke Hans: Cuckoo Eggs - rethinking and updating furniture at the V&A for 2017 and beyond




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Interventions in the V&A Furniture Galleries by Dutch designer Ineke Hans. As a temporary curator she places notes and remarks to the galleries' permanent display: rethinking and updating the V&A's furniture collection for 2017 and beyond.

Furniture is close to us. Literally. We always needed it and will need it in the future. But furniture has to deal with a rapid changing reality with changing production, promotion and selling methods, a surplus of furniture in a society where people move to smaller houses and offices and a western society on the edge of consuming less. It has to get to terms with the digital, our current social context and new ways of living.
With text and drawn interventions - placed in the Furniture Galleries as Cuckoo eggs, to be found as Easter eggs - Ineke Hans rethinks and updates the V&A's furniture collection for 2017 and beyond.

Dutch designer Ineke Hans (RCA) returned to London in 2015 to work from there. She also organises the East London Salons: round table conversations that take place in East London studio's between professionals from the entire design world, looking into the changing position of furniture, the designer and the future changes that might come. During LDF Ineke Hans curates a few salon-events open for an audience. For the V&A she made this small exhibition in the Furniture Galleries that taps into the history and future of furniture design. She made presentations relating to the past, present & future of design before like for instance in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (NL) and Nationalmuseet Stockholm.

- Ineke Hans:

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