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'Chance Encounters', a creative installation, explores the life-changing sparks that fly from accidental meetings and looks at how good design can be a catalyst for unexpected collisions.

Chance Encounters, a collaborative installation by international design practice HASSELL and lighting designers einstein&sons, is a celebration of the unforeseeable outcomes of the random, the unknown, the unplanned and the unpredictable.

Opening in the design practice’s new Shoreditch studio, Chance Encounters is an exploration of how thoughtful design can bring people together in unexpected and positive ways.

Based on the idea of being caught in a sudden rain storm, this immersive installation uses interactive digital technologies and lighting design hidden amongst a beautifully crafted backdrop to create a playful and surprising experience which responds to the presence of visitors and encourages their interaction with the space and each other.

We have all had a moment of being caught in a torrential downpour and have sought shelter in a doorway, huddled next to strangers. Responding to the spectacle in front of you, conversations are sparked, which may lead nowhere - but equally could open up untold and unforeseeable opportunities.

Chance Encounters builds on the idea of the potential outcomes of an impromptu meeting. It explores the fortuitous outcomes that can arise out of these moments and how as designers we can turn turn otherwise 'dead zones' into interactive places which can unlock untapped value for the people who use them.

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