BOCCI x Mallett at Ely House




9.30AM - 6PM Mon to Fri, 11AM - 4PM Sat

Free Event


Bocci collaborates with the antique dealer Mallett on an exhibition of bespoke installations at the grand Ely House built in 1772. The showcase provokes tension between old and new works, suggesting a counter-intuitive sense of time in which new objects seem older than the antiques.

Vancouver-based design company Bocci collaborates with Mallett, one of the oldest and most prestigious antique dealers in the world. Mallett’s Dover Street location, the elegant Ely House (built in 1772 and one of the rare London palaces to retain its original features) houses a series of bespoke installations amidst the legendary Mallett collection of antiques. The exhibition shepherds the visitor into what can be called a 3-dimensional collage, or dreamscape establishing compositional tension between old and new works, blurring the boundaries between them and suggesting a phenomenological whole.

Of special note is a large bespoke 57 chandelier in the main stairwell, which receives in this unique application a one way mirror coating. The uniquely mirrored pendants receive power from a tangle of black coaxial cable creating an immersive chandelier that paradoxically shifts from a faint and passive presence reflecting the textures of the antiques when unlit, to an imposing presence with an immense volumetric depth to the individual pendants when lit.

Also of note is a cluster of Bocci’s celebrated 19’s, which in texture, material and spirit seem to speak the same language as many of the Mallet antiques... Establishing a kind of kinship. There is a blurring of our intuitive sense of time in that these contemporary pieces appear in the context of the Mallet space somehow even older than the surrounding antiques, suggesting a kind of pre-history and genealogy of objects.

Bocci is a decade-old design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver and Berlin. Founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel, Bocci is committed to fostering a lateral and open-ended relationship between creative direction and craft.In 2005, Bocci was founded in a red barn surrounded by hay fields, on the periphery of Vancouver, Canada. The company launched with one product, 14, which became an instant classic and remains a design staple and bestseller. All Bocci designs are developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality, and scale.

With headquarters in Vancouver and Berlin, Bocci operates as a co-operative community of designers, architects, craftspeople, technicians, agents, governance bodies, testing facilities, raw material suppliers, and fine shops. We strive for a healthy, flexible, and stable network united by the goal of creating and delivering extraordinary objects.

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