Bill Amberg Studio presents The Common Collection + open door event




Open Studio from 21st to 27th September

Free Event

Bill Amberg Studio in the Queens Park Design District will be hosting an open studio from 21-27 September, where they will be showing their Common Collection of benches and stools. This furniture features the Studio's signature combination of traditional leather techniques and technology.

On Thursday 24th September, Bill Amberg Studio will have a press night for the launch of the Common Collection. This project combines a highly specialised traditional technique - hand stitching - with modern furniture manufacturing. There will also be an open studio where you will be able to see some work in progress and hand stitching demonstrations.

Bill Amberg Studio produce handmade furniture and products using a combination of traditional techniques and modern methods. We specialise in sourcing leathers from the fashion, accessories and garment industries and applying them to interiors and product design. We use vegetable tanned leathers and traditional techniques such as hand stitching, skiving and burnishing. Our work is inspired by our leather-working heritage and the modern world.

The most important part of the Studio is our workshop. This is the core of our business and central to our value of making things with your hands.

Bill Amberg Studio

At the Bill Amberg Studio, we have been exploring the material and aesthetic possibilities of leather for over 30 years. We are a pioneering, ever-curious and unconventional group of designers and craftspeople, driven by the desire to push the boundaries of leather-working in new directions, and to create objects and interiors with style and longevity.

Our work runs the gamut from bags and accessories to commercial interiors and residential applications. The Bill Amberg Studio is a global authority on architectural leatherwork, offering a full cycle of services relating to the integration of leather into interior spaces. Over the years we have not only developed a profound understanding of our material and its versatility, but also accumulated a wealth of expertise in using leather in unexpected contexts (we were, for example, one of the first interiors studios to master leather as a flooring material).

Although we are happy to employ cutting-edge technology whenever a project demands it, our practice remains rooted in the traditional craft techniques that have underpinned the leatherworker’s trade for thousands of years. Our team of artisans draws from the age-old disciplines of casemaking, saddlery and bookbinding – often using tools and methods that have remained unchanged for centuries – in order to deliver beautiful contemporary leatherwork that lasts.

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