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The world of making things is in upheaval. If the last industrial revolution was about millions of identical objects, the current revolution is about the working prototype. Adhocracy argues that the essence of design today is the network-based process, embracing everything from furniture to weapons.

Curated by Joseph Grima, adapted for London by Thomas Ermacora, presented @LimeWharf

The world of people who make things is in upheaval. Exponential technological growth—from global communications networks to low-cost digital prototyping—has radically transformed everyday life, suggesting a new industrial revolution. If the last such revolution was about making perfect objects—millions of them, absolutely identical—this one is about making just one, or a few. Its birthplace is not the factory but the workshop, and its lifeline is the network. Adhocracy argues that rather than the closed object, the maximum expression of design today is the process—the activation of open systems, tools that shape society by enabling self-organisation, platforms of collaboration that subvert capitalist competition, and empowering networks of production. The exhibition is heterogeneous, embracing everything from medical innovation to cultural and political criticism, from furniture design to weapons manufacturing. It will also include several on-site laboratories to catalyse a new London-based centre of networked production at LimeWharf.

Adhocracy is hosted at LimeWharf; a cultural innovation gallery at the heart of Hackney's creative community, founded by Thomas Ermacora. Adhocracy debuted at the Istanbul Design Biennial in October 2012, moving to New York's New Museum in April this year. Adhocracy is now in London for the first time.

The exhibition has been adapted for London to seed a maker space launching at the LimeWharf curated by Thomas Ermacora. Starting in 2014, the maker space will open its doors to members and enthusiasts while focusing on the socio-environmental impact technologies that distributed manufacturing, open source hardware and participatory design can accelerate. The exhibition will be open to visitors and more particularly to 'makers in becoming' with resident makers available to coach them.

Events Programme accompanying Adhocracy:
4&5 Sept Be Your Own Souvenir workshop (after which this will be running once a week throughout exhibition) @LimeWharf Annex

14 Sept 10:00-18:00 Make-A-Thon, Technology Will Save Us @LimeWharf
Technology Will Save Us are starting Design Week off with a special, all day make-a-thon in collaboration with New York based LittleBits. 15 other make-a-thons will be taking place across the world that we will Skype with on the day and share inventions, skills and approaches to making. For one day, we are inviting our community, the design community, families and Maker communities at large to participate in making interactive, sonic, robotic and design based projects with Technology Will Save Us kits and LittleBits electronic ‘Legos’. The day will be a hands on day of learning, making and inventing using technology and design. The make-a-thons will be great for designers interested in making more with their hand and technology as well as families and young people wanting to get involved in the Design and technology world.
Further details:

16-19 Sept Stratigraphic Manufacturing workshop @LimeWharfAnnex
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